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Congratulations, *|FNAME|*! Week one is complete.

I hope the soreness has began to ease up by now. I promise, it will get better.

Let’s do a quick assessment on Habit 1: Eating Slowly. 

How’s it going for you? Have you found any tricks that seem to work? If so please let me know and share it with your class. It always helps to learn from others experiences.

If you have started to apply this habit then I am sure you have noticed that it is not as easy as it may seem. Just remember.. similar to a muscle, the more you “exercise” it the stronger it will get.

If you have not yet applied this habit, it’s not too late! Give it a shot on your next meal (or snack, binge, treat..) and see how it goes. Everything else that we will practice nutritionally stems from this. So be sure to develop this habit with the strength you would expect from your “foundation.”

This habit definitely takes more than a week to master, but if you are feeling comfortable with it so far then it might be time to add on our next habit. It goes hand in hand with eating slowly and can actually improve the strength of it.

So, without further ado.. Introducing Habit #2:

Mindful Eating.

The next thing we are going to practice is mindful eating.

AKA: “Eating without distractions.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to clear the deck and sit alone with a bowl of rice. Meals shared with family and friends, enjoying good conversation and company, are an important part of life.

We just ask you to make some basic changes such as:

  • putting mobile devices away while eating

  • sitting at a table to eat (rather than while driving, walking down the street, standing over the sink, working, etc.)

  • eating without other electronic distractions (such as in front of the TV, or while working at the computer)

Mindful eating simply means that when it is time to eat, you give that experience your full attention. You can put on your connoisseur hat. Tune in to the flavors, textures, and smells. And enhance your awareness of bodily ques; tapping in to those spidey senses of yours.

We know, this is a tough one and can often times cause distress.

This technique often brings up other issues. Fast eating and distracting ourselves are often coping and numbing strategies, so slowing down and sensing in will suddenly make other problems (e.g. relationship issues, etc.) feel more acute.

If you are feeling up to it, give this habit a shot. I know that our lifestyles often do not allow the time it takes to eat at a table (vs in the car) but do the best you can. And make note of what other issues might pop up.

In upcoming practices we will work on some “mental ninja training skills” to work through these issues.

But for now, keep developing your first habit of eating slowly and make a massive effort to practice mindful eating whenever possible.

You are doing great. I am excited for you and can’t wait to see your progress.

Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your journey. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.

See ya soon!

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