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The Solution to Your Resolution.

We've all been there.. Pumped up and motivated to start getting in shape.


We've done our research and have a plan of attack.


"If I follow this workout plan and this diet I'm guaranteed results!" 


Then life happens. Other priorities take place and we fall off.


Quick fix approaches to weight loss and overall health don't hold up when life's inevitable  circumstances come falling down upon us.

What does hold up? Habits. Systems and Routines.

We are creatures of habit. Our habitual behaviours have purpose and are usually very deeply rooted.


This is why the quick fix and complete overhaul type approaches don't work.


True, sustainable progress comes not from "overhauling," but from building transferable skills and habits. Systematically.

If you're frustrated with the unrealistic “six week ab” promises and done with yo-yo dieting then we just might make a great team!

Ready for a fool proof plan that will establish simple and realistic habits that are necessary to improve your health in a timely and intelligent manner?


We invite you to join our family.


We’re real people, with real lives, getting real results.

Group Flexin.jpeg

Feel anxious about the idea of joining a group fitness class?

We get it. A ton of the programs out there are extreme and intimidating. 

Our classes are designed with the majority of the population in mind. If you are an elite level athlete or physique competitor, this program is probably not the best fit for you.


For anyone who might be a little unfamiliar with exercise and doesn't know where to start. Or, for those who have been out of it for little while and are ready to get started again, THIS IS FOR YOU. 

We will push you to challenge yourself but all exercises are scalable and can be self paced.

And our staff and members have an incredible support system. You will always feel welcomed and encouraged.

Team High Five.jpg

So.. what all is included with my membership?

  • 25+ different class options to choose from each week; including our infamous "Butts & Guts," "Strong > Skinny," "Curls 4 Girls - Tris 4 Guys," and many more!

  • Weekly readings, implementing new and simple daily habits, skills, and practices to start working on that have been proven to get results! 

  • 5 Minute Meal Recipes! Time is the number one limiting factor to why people don't eat healthy. When you sign up you will receive delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even shakes that are all ready in 5 minutes or less! 

  • Videos with helpful tips on food preparation! The key to establishing a solid foundation for healthy food choices.

  • Small, more personal class sizes! We put a 10 person limit on all our classes to make sure you get the attention that you need. These are not classes where the instructor is up on a stage with a mic and you feel lost in the crowd not sure what you're doing. We keep our classes small so we can always be focused on you, monitor your form, answer questions, and give modifications to exercises when necessary.

  • A super dope t-shirt! Of coarse we're going to throw you some swag gear.

  • We've got a Kid's Korner where you can drop the kiddos off while you workout. Note: the only class times we have supervision for-as of now-are the Mid Morning Fix classes during the 9:00 hour and the Crunch at Lunch classes from 12:15-12:45. We have plenty of toys, coloring books, and Netflix to entertain during the other class options for now. As our memberships grow we will start having adult supervision during all class times. 

  • Family. Nothing is more important to your success than support. Make new friends and become a part of the West Texas Sports and Wellness family! Everyone supports each other and it’s an experience like none other. Come and see for yourself! Get fit, have fun, be loved!

  • A 100% Money Back Guarantee! That's right. We stand by our services and take pride in what we do. If we can not provide you with measurable results within 3 months we will refund 100% of your investment.

money back guarantee.png

Now the best part...

We want to make it possible for you to reach AND maintain your goals this year so we are offering month-to-month (no commitment) memberships at the price we usually charge for a 12 Month Commitment!

And we have plans starting at only $47.50 per month!


This is a limited time offer and will end once this ad is over. 

Ready to start improving your health in a sophisticated and sustainable way?

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